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Tooth Extraction Dunnellon FL

Tooth ExtractionsAn Overview

A simple tooth extraction is a routine dental treatment that can be completed in our Dunnellon, FL dentist office. Tooth extractions are just one of the dental services that we provide at our Dunnellon, FL. It is a necessary treatment that addresses severe tooth decay, extreme tooth damage, to resolve the overcrowding of teeth, and to address impacted wisdom teeth.

Dr. Carter Perkins will only resort to extracting a tooth when it is necessary to restore oral health or remove wisdom teeth. He will always attempt to preserve the natural tooth with dental fillings or root canals if possible.

Taking a conservative approach to dentistry, Dr. Perkins will only use tooth extractions when beneficial to a patient’s long-term oral health.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

The third molars, more commonly known as wisdom teeth, usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25. Although some people may not develop them and some people develop more. It is unlikely that this set of teeth will erupt into a functional position and can actually cause problems.

For this reason, it has become common practice to have them removed during a patient’s late teens or early twenties.

Wisdom teeth are the last molars to emerge and can often cause other teeth to shift due to overcrowding. Most patients will not experience any uncomfortable symptoms but there is a chance a patient may experience painful swelling, limited jaw movement, and pain while chewing.

Wisdom teeth can also become impacted causing a lot of discomfort. Just because a patient feels no symptoms does not mean the third molars should be ignored. Since they are hard to reach, they are hard to keep clean. This can lead to decay and gum disease.

Dr. Perkins can perform wisdom tooth removal from the comfort of our dentist office. As people age, the roots continue to grow and the teeth will reposition making them hard to extract. Dr. Perkins recommends removing the wisdom teeth during the patient’s late teens or early twenties also because recovery will be much easier.

tooth extraction procedure in Dunnellon Florida

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Tooth Extractions What to Expect

Our dental care team will help our patients feel as comfortable as possible during treatment. Having a tooth removed is usually more comfortable than a patient anticipates. Using a local anesthetic around the tooth, most patients will feel no pain and the area will be completely numb.

Dr. Perkins will use special dental tools to gently rock the tooth back and forth. The tooth will be gently removed from the tooth socket. The patient will not feel pain but they can expect to feel pressure from the area.

Our dental care team will explain all post-treatment care to you prior to treatment to ensure a speedy recovery. Patients typically experience no post-treatment complications. However, if you experience extensive bleeding, swelling, or sharp pains, contact our Dunnellon, FL dentist office right away.

After a tooth is extracted, Dr. Perkins will recommend dental implants to replace the missing tooth or teeth. A dental implant-supported dental prosthesis is the best solution especially if it is in the smile zone or it if affects the alignment or function of their smile. They are the most natural-looking and advanced solution when compared to other teeth restorations.

Tooth Extractions FAQs

Why do people have teeth extracted?

Patients may choose to have teeth extracted for many different reasons. Most relate to decaying or infected teeth that are causing the patient pain. Teeth extractions have become an increasingly popular choice for impacted teeth as well. Many teens and adults have their wisdom teeth removed because they are impacted.

What are the benefits of having my tooth pulled?

There are countless benefits of having one’s teeth pulled if a tooth extraction has been recommended by your dentist. Having one’s tooth pulled prevents infections in a specific area. They also make room for reconstruction if your jaw or bite is misaligned. If a patient is having a tooth pulled, there is at least one good reason their dentist is recommending that they undergo the procedure. For many patients, it may be because they had an infected tooth and were experiencing excessive pain in a specific area. In these cases, the benefit of having a tooth extraction is pain relief.

What are signs that I need a tooth extraction?

Patients may need a tooth extraction if they do not have enough room in their mouth for all of their teeth, a tooth is infected, a tooth has had extreme damage, a tooth has decayed, or a tooth is causing a patient excessive pain. Doctors typically recommend extraction as a last resort for many issues, and try to fix the tooth before pulling it, but in many cases, extraction is the best option for patients’ needs.

How long after an extraction can I remove the gauze?

After having a tooth extraction patients are typically told to leave their gauze in for at least 30 minutes to an hour postoperative. This gives blood time to clot, which can prevent patients from getting a dry socket. Patients are encouraged to leave gauze on until bleeding has stopped.

How long should you do salt water rinses after a tooth extraction?

Dentists recommend that patients do saltwater rinses 3-4 times every day after having a tooth extracted. Every time after eating patients are told to rinse their mouth with a saltwater solution. Patients should do this for at least 7 days post-extraction, but in some cases, patients may continue to rinse for 10 days.