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Dentures Dunnellon, FL

Patients who have lost all of their teeth have a range of options for restoring their smile with beautiful lasting results. Dentures are a natural-looking and comfortable way to replace a full arch or full set of missing teeth. As an expert restorative dentist, Dr. Carter Perkins offers dentures in Dunnellon, FL.

dentures in dunnellon fl

Dentures in Dunnellon, FL

If you have lost you teeth over time or need a full mouth removal, Dr.  Perkins can custom design a denture to restore your smile. Dentures are a popular restorative treatment that can restore beauty and function. Perkins Dentistry offers both traditional removable dentures and implant secured dentures. Dr. Perkins will conduct a dental health exam to determine which treatment option is best for you. He will analyze your whole oral health. Additionally, he will and take into consideration your goals, dental health problems, personal preference, and budget.

Implant-secured Dentures can Stabilize Your Smile

Dental implant secured dentures provide patients with added oral health benefits. Implants are the only option to replace teeth that will help to support long-term facial integrity and bone health.

denture implants and dentures in dunnellon, fl

Implants are designed to fuse with the jaw bone and promote the natural regeneration of bone tissue. Dental implants also help to protect the health of the gums.

Dental implant secured dentures will give patients the added confidence that traditional dentures simply cannot. Implant dentures are less likely to slip out or move around while chewing or speaking. With traditional dentures, this slippage would cause a person to slur their words while speaking and even risk the denture falling out.

With implant dentures, you will avoid embarrassing situations like this. Additionally, you can enjoy a healthy, varied diet without restriction and will not need to use adhesives. You can brush your implant secured dentures each day like natural teeth.

Routine dental care is important to maintain the health and integrity of your smile for the long term. Regular visits to our Dunnellon dentist office will ensure that your denture implant will last a long time.

What to Expect

Dentures are a custom-designed dental restoration. Dr. Perkins and our in-house dental lab technician work together to develop and fabricate a denture that will enhance your natural facial aesthetics.

We use high-quality dental-grade ceramic and 3-D digital imaging and printing to design and make our dental restorations. Your denture will fit comfortably and securely while looking and feeling like your natural teeth.

Once a dental lab fabricates your denture, you will return to our dentist office for your final fitting. Dr. Perkins will ensure that you are fully satisfied with the fit and aesthetics of your new teeth. Our dental care team will provide you with all of the information you may need for proper care and maintenance of your denture.

If you choose dental implants to secure the denture, Dr. Perkins will coordinate the operational phase of your treatment with a local oral surgeon. Our Dunnellon, Florida dentist office uses state-of-the-art dental technology for digitally guided implant procedures that yield precise results.

The number of implants you need to secure your denture will depend on the type of denture you need to give you the best results. This could be anywhere from two to eight implants.

Once the dentist inserts your implants, they will need at least three to six months to heal and completely fuse with the surrounding bone. Next, you will take the necessary steps to have a dental lab make your custom denture and then properly attach it to the implants.

Dentures and Partials FAQs

Will dentures change the way that I speak?

There may be some slight changes to your speech while you get used to them, but you should regain your original speech patterns once you do. Like any restoration, there is an adjustment period. You can practice speech exercises if this is your first time with dentures, but you won’t have to relearn how to speak.

Will dentures change my appearance?

Dentures will not have a significant impact on your facial appearance. You will barely detect any difference. Dentures actually support your lips and mouth from drooping. The molds that we create before placing your permanent restoration can be used to show you how they will look.

Can a dentist whiten my dentures?

No. You can not whiten dentures like natural teeth. Whitening strips and teeth bleaching materials will not whiten dentures. You can however take special care of your dentures and use denture cleaners to keep them bright and prevent stains from setting in.

Can you sleep with partial dentures in your mouth?

Dentists recommend that patients remove any dentures or partial dentures at night to give their mouth and gums a period to rest. Leaving dentures in 24 hours a day can cause some issues, so it is in patients’ best interest to remove them at night.

Do dentures cause facial sagging?

Patients with dentures have been known to have some facial sagging. This is not due to the dentures, but rather the lack of bone structure remaining in the patient’s jaw. Bone and tooth loss can be known to change the shape of a patient’s face. This is because when you are missing bone, you are missing the structure behind any tissue and muscle in one’s face. Dentures do not cause facial sagging, however many of the issues that lead to a patient needing dentures do.