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MouthguardsAn Overview

Teeth do not grow back- prevent injury with a custom sports mouthguard.

Custom sports mouthguards offer exceptional protection against sports-related injury. Competitive athletes at any age can benefit from wearing a mouthguard while playing contact sports. Custom fabricated mouthguards are more comfortable and offer superior protection compared to over-the-counter “boil and bite” options. Dr. Perkins provides custom mouthguards as a dental services offering.

Custom mouthguards make it possible for athletes to stay focused on their performance instead of wasting energy biting down on an ill-fitted mouthguard. Some studies suggest that wearing a properly fitted mouthguard designed for the player’s mouth can actually improve their overall performance.

Custom mouthguards also enable players to drink and speak normally while wearing the device which reduces the chances of athletes removing, losing, or misplacing the mouthguard during the game or practice.

custom sports mouthguard in Dunnellon Florida

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Mouthguards What to Expect

Receiving your custom mouthguard is a simple process that will take just one or two visits to our Dunnellon, FL dentist office. Dr. Carter will take precise digital images of your teeth and gums to form a 3-D model of your mouth. Working with our in-house dental lab technician, Dr. Carter will use these “blueprints” to create a custom mouthguard that will fit securely and comfortably in the mouth.

Once the mouthguard is complete, you will return to the office to pick it up. The mouthguard will be ready to use for your next practice or game. Mouthguards are a simple way to protect your teeth, gums, and jaw from trauma and costly restorative dentistry.

Custom Mouthguard FAQs

How does a mouthguard protect your teeth?

Mouthguards cover your top teeth and protect the soft tissues that are in your mouth. They also protect your mouth, gums and jaw, and teeth. Custom-fitted mouthguards provide a higher level of protection than general mouth guards by molding exactly to every crevice of your teeth. This makes protecting one’s teeth easier and more comfortable.

Will a mouthguard stop me from grinding my teeth?

Mouthguards create a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth to protect them from teeth grinding together. They cannot stop you from the physical action of grinding your teeth, however, they will protect your teeth from the damage that is caused by grinding.

How do you custom fit your mouthguard?

At home, custom-fit mouthguards are made by softening the mouthguard in boiling water and physically molding the softened mouthguard to your mouth so it is a custom fit. Dental custom-fitted mouthguards take a professional impression using dental putty, that forms to your individual teeth to create an exact mold. They are more expensive, but they also fit much better and are more protective than their at-home alternative.

Does a custom-fit mouthguard improve my ability to breathe in it?

Custom-fit mouthguards allow users to breathe naturally and take in more oxygen due to the fact that they are an exact mold of one’s teeth. For athletes, this is very useful because players can breathe comfortably without slowing down to catch their breath. Difficulty breathing in sports causes premature fatigue, so having a custom-fit mouthguard can make an athlete’s endurance and performance increase drastically.