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Dental Implants Dunnellon, FL

Dental ImplantsAn Overview

For patients with missing teeth, dental implants provide stability, function, and beautiful aesthetics.

affordable dental implants in dunnellon, floridaDental implants are prosthetic teeth that replace both the missing tooth and tooth root structure. Designed to fuse with the jawbone, implants provide unparalleled support for the jaw and bite.

Dental implants have become the gold standard for replacing missing teeth due to their natural function, appearance, and success rate. The implant procedure has a nearly 98% success rate, higher than any other dental procedure.

Dr. Carter Perkins offers dental implants for single, multiple, or a full arch of missing teeth. Our Dunnellon, FL dentist office is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology for highly consistent, lasting results.

We use digital imaging and 3-D design printing technology for natural-looking and securely fit dental restorations. We also offer our patients digitally guided implant surgery techniques for more precise implantation.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth is essential for promoting long-term oral health. Dental implants are the most natural and secure way to replace missing teeth, offering long-term oral health benefits.

Dental implants support:

  • Natural bone regeneration
  • Gum health
  • Stable bite alignment
  • Facial integrity
  • Prevention of future tooth loss
  • Natural, beautiful smiles
  • Health, varied diet without restriction

Dental implants can be used to replace individual missing teeth or can be used to secure a bridge or an entire denture. Implants stabilize dental restorations for a more stable bite and help to prevent further deterioration of the patient’s oral health.

Patients with a poorly fitted denture may consider securing their denture with dental implants. Implant secured dentures do not slip while chewing or speaking for a more confident smile. They can also stabilize your dental health, minimizing bone loss in the jaw and the risk of further periodontal deterioration.

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If you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth, we offer dental implants in the Ocala, FL and Dunnellon, FL area. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your oral health, budget and to learn more about the benefits of dental implants.

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Dental Implants What to Expect

Dental implants are a multi-phased treatment that will require several visits to our Dunnellon, FL dentist office. Dr. Perkins will work with patients throughout their implant procedure for consistent and quality results. We use state-of-the-art dental technology for advanced and highly precise implant treatment planning and implant placement.

  • Treatment Plan
    Dental implants often take precise planning to allow for optimal use of the healthy bone structure that is needed to secure the implant for a lasting result. The treatment planning phase will include one-on-one time with Dr. Perkins to determine the number and placement of the implants needed to restore the patient’s oral health.  The number of implants necessary will vary depending on the patient’s oral health needs and the number and location of missing teeth. Dr. Perkins will also discuss what type of restoration the patient will require for completing the dental implant.
  • Surgical Procedure
    The dental implant (s) are surgically implanted into the jaw.  The implanted titanium posts typically take approximately 3-6 months to heal fully. During the healing phase, the implant fuses with the jawbone creating a permanent bond.  Once the implant has healed, the patient will return to our Dunnellon dentist office for placement of the final dental restoration. In the interim, the patient may receive a temporary dental restoration.
  • Fitting the Final Restoration
    A small abutment is attached to the top of the implant and used as an anchor for the final restoration.  The patient will receive either a custom-designed dental crown, bridge, or denture depending on the number of teeth they are replacing. Our in-house dental lab technician will work with Dr. Perkins to design and fabricate a dental restoration that looks and fits like your natural teeth. Once your dental restoration is secure, your smile will look, function, and feel like your natural teeth.

dental implant procedure in dunnellon, florida
Dr. Perkins will make personalized recommendations for maintaining your oral hygiene, and the integrity of your new implants or implant-supported dental appliance. Routine dental care is essential to allow for continued monitoring of the implant for successful longevity.

Learn More About Dental Implants

Dental Implants FAQs

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants provide a full range of cosmetic and oral health benefits including:

  • Prevents bone deterioration
  • Protects facial integrity
  • 98% success rate
  • Natural chewing function
  • Stable bite alignment
  • Prevents gum recession
  • No dietary restrictions
Is the dental implant procedure painful?

Dr. Perkins will discuss sedation options for the implant procedure before treatment. Our dental care team will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable during your implant procedure.

Why should I replace my missing teeth?

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants helps prevent further damage to your remaining teeth and your gums. Missing teeth can cause additional tooth loss, bone recession, facial sagging, and increases the risks of gum disease and gum recession. Dental implants function like natural teeth supporting long-term oral health.

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